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Mastering the 16 Tech Media Lab

April 24 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm



Unlock the potential of digital production in this hands-on seminar focused on podcasting, videography, and photography.

Learn to use the equipment in the Media Lab at 16 Tech.

This workshop is designed for creators eager to enhance their digital content, from beginners to experienced professionals.

What You’ll Learn:

Podcasting: Setup, recording techniques, and editing for clear, engaging audio content. Videography: Camera operation, lighting setups, and post-production for impactful videos. Photography: Utilizing the backdrop wall for professional-quality product shots, including lighting and camera settings.
Editing Software: Access to design computers with comprehensive editing software, exclusive for members of Machyne.

Enhance your digital media skills at the 16 Tech Media Lab. This seminar offers the tools and knowledge to bring your creative projects to life.


Machyne Makerspace


Machyne Makerspace

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